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I’ve had personal experience of working with Evelina since 2010. Her legal counsel helped me a lot at the initial stages of of launching my business and spared me a multitude of potential mistakes. She formed transparent and legitimate agreements that have withstood the test of time between investors and I. She handled my real estate transactions and demonstrated a careful and thoughtful approach to risk and deals. I would highly recommend this attorney, whom I consider to be indisputably compassionate and reliable.

When trouble knocks on your door, the world around you descends into darkness. This is exactly what happened to me. After meeting with Evelina and discussing my situation with her, I felt a sense of confidence that everything is redeemable and that it will be fine. Evelina dealt with my situation, explained everything in a clear and correct manner, and found the right solution. Evelina is determined to achieve  the desired result at a minimum cost. In my personal experience, I can say that every aspect of Evelina’s work involves a high level of professionalism, competent execution, thorough analysis of the given situation, all of which leads to excellent results!
I retained Ms. Libhen’s services on several occasions. I needed her help to represent me in a number of very complicated cases. Her wit, intuition, ability to analyze, vast knowledge and experience enabled her to truly represent me. Represent is what I want to emphasize. Ms.Libhen fully understood the complexity and urgency of the situation and was able to represent me to the best of her abilities and win each and every time. I felt confident that I am in good hands and represented by someone I can truly rely on to win the case no matter how complex that case is.
I would like to thank Evelina Libhen for her adept handling of my case, which completely satisfied me. I would like to note that Evelina met the agreed deadlines and acted in a prompt manner. I really like Evelina’s style of work and the delivered results. I will gladly engage Evelina again, should a need arise in the future.


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