The Right Lawyer Makes all the Difference. What truly sets our firm apart is the dedication we have to our clients and their needs,ensuring the best possible outcomes for those we represent. No matter how complex or contentious the undertaking, we persevere until the job is done. At our firm we have one simple goal: Getting the right result for our clients. Get In Touch We Take a Personalized Approach. At our firm, we have a track record of success representing clients in real estate transactions, family law and incapacity planning.
We treat your case, your situation, your story, as seriously as you do.
We take pride in our personalized approach to each case. Get In Touch Photography by
Vladimir Davydov.
Passion. Persistence. Evelina’s Russian background lends her practice a distinct edge. She has earned the trust and loyalty of many Russian speaking clients by devoting a substantial amount of time to helping them effectively navigate the system. Get In Touch Evelina Libhen photo Photography by Vladimir Davydov.